Affiliate Marketing for complete Beginners

Learn more about Affiliate Marketing to find out if this could be something interesting for you.

Hello everybody

My name is Beat Prandstätter.

And if you ever wanted to learn more about Affiliate Marketing, you're at the right


I've got a checklist for you.

An interactive checklist.

And here is how it works.

Just scroll a bit and go to the first topic.

Getting into affiliate - then ...

Know "The Why".

Please click on the plus sign and then the whole text shows


Read the text.

And in the end, click here on this first point,

Then move on to the second topic.

Know "the how" - again

Click on the plus sign.

Then the whole text appears.

Read the text and in the end, click again here in the box.

And you see there is a progress bar.

It's growing until you've completed the whole checklist.

I wish you a lot of fun with this!

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